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Use What God Has Given You to Increase Your Online Revenue

Increasing your online sales for your small business is easier than you think. Here are three simple tips that will boost your online productivity and profit:

1.  Offer only one product or service on your home page. I once heard a guy describe it this way, “show the monkey where the banana is.”  A bit crass, indeed, but the point is made, make your main thing the easy thing.  While you may think that offering several products will create more sales, it can work the other way by overwhelming your online customer.  Remember, attention span online is measured in milliseconds.

2.  Describe benefits (not features) in your headline, and make sure those benefits are from the customer’s perspective.  Said this way, make sure your descriptions solve a problem.

3.  Make your main page scan-able, and I don’t mean with a machine from HP, I mean with your eyes from God.  Use your own behavior to test my thinking … do you read every word on a web page?  Of course not, your eyes are darting to and fro looking for something that will interest you or tickle your fancy.

Online sales increases can be as simple as following these three tips. I had five, but I didn’t think you’d take the time to read them.  But if you follow these three, your banker, accountant and shareholders will thank you.

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