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Productive Home Office = Home Office Success

When you are starting a small business, you want to have a place that you can work. Setting up a place in your home where you can be productive takes some planning and intentionality, and can make a big difference in your ability to get your business off of the ground. What should every home office have?

Computer. This is an essential item for any office, but most especially if you have a small business. This is an important communication tool for a small business owner, simply because a big majority of business is done online these days.

Internet. Without a high-speed Internet source, you will not be able to get the most from your computer. While you can go to the coffee shop for Internet, it is much more convenient if you have it in your home and home office. This will make you more efficient in the long run, and save you a bundle by not buying lattes you don’t need.

Calendar. Whether you use an online, computer, or hard copy calendar, you want to be sure that you use it. Keeping your tasks and time organized will make a big difference in your efficiency.  Duh.  I’m a recent convert to the Pomodoro method of time management, which is especially useful when working from home and you have more control over your time.  Check it out at

Filing System. This helps you to maintain good records and keep everything together in one place. Create a system that will work for you and your particular filing style.  And keep it close, the further your filing is from your desk, the more likely you are to face distractions going to/from your files.  Again, minimizing distractions is the greatest element of success in a home office environment.

Whether you are a new business owner or an experienced one, you need to have a home office that is efficient for you and your small business.

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