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Entrepreneur’s M&A Journal Episode 58—Interview With Holly Homer


Jim Cumbee and Holly Homer talk about Holly’s entrance into the Blog arena when blogging wasn’t cool.  It was the beginning of the internet and no one had a clear vision of the future.  With Holly’s amazing head for business and easy going way to roll with the new age, she made blogging not only her passion but her business.

Main Questions Asked:

  • So you started your blogging in 2006, when did you see money start coming in?
  • Tell us about your blog now and how you got there?
  • It isn’t the big stuff that the kids remember, it is moments.
  • When you bought the URL, what were you thinking at the time?
  • Did you have a plan in mind with what you would do with the URL and did you  have an exit in mind?
  • How did you determine the valuation?
  • As you look back, what advice do you have for your fellow entrepreneurs?
  • Did you do anything wrong that you would tell people to watch out for?
  • Do you see this going on for the indefinite future or do you see yourself spinning it off and going into something else?

Key Points made:

  • I avoided a lot of sponsorship or items in the beginning. (2:43)
  • My company employs 4 people full-time. (3:52)
  • We publish fun things to do with your kids. (4:40)
  • Our kids make memories in the process of doing something, not at the end result. (5:35)
  • I ran a company called DFWBloggers. (7:00)
  • It’s important to have a name that everyone can look up. (11:40)
  • For simplicities sake and SEO purposes, it was better to purchase the URL kids activities blog. (12:10)
  • I had no plan for the URL nor did I have an exit plan.  We had no idea what was possible on the internet. (12:53)
  • My goal was to make the site more professional. (13:30)
  • Valuation was tricky. (14:20)
  • I evaluated 20 websites and came up with a number in there somewhere. (15:25)
  • I think my offer met her goals, and that is a success. (16:20)
  • I think that most people Blog and don’t think of it as a business, so they don’t reach their monetization potential. (17:41)
  • I’ve offered on like 10 blogs this year, but because people are emotionally connected, they don’t want to sell. (18:35)
  • I’ve had other situations where I’ve had partners, but it works better for us to have an employer/employee situation. (20:40)

Resources Mentioned:

Quirky Momma Facebook Group


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